General Assembly

The Grand Committee

SECTION 22-5-4

§ 22-5-4. Record of proceedings.

The secretary of state, and in his or her absence the clerk of the senate, shall act as secretary of the grand committee, and shall keep a full record of the proceedings of it in a book to be provided and kept by the secretary of state for that purpose, which record shall in all cases include the names of the members of each house answering to their names at the roll calls provided for in § 22-5-2, and at all other roll calls ordered by the grand committee. In the event of the failure of any of the secretaries or clerks named in this chapter to attend, as provided in this section, the grand committee may elect some person or persons pro tempore to perform their duties.

History of Section.
(G.L. 1896, ch. 20, § 4; G.L. 1909, ch. 26, § 4; G.L. 1923, ch. 25, § 4; G.L. 1938, ch. 302, § 4; G.L. 1956, § 22-5-4.)