General Assembly

CHAPTER 22-7.2
Permanent Joint Committee on Highway Safety

SECTION 22-7.2-3

§ 22-7.2-3. Duties.

(a) It shall be the duty of this joint committee to promote the development and conduct of a coordinated state highway safety program to reduce traffic accidents and the deaths, injuries, and property damage which occur in those accidents.

(b) To this end, the joint committee shall consult and counsel with the director of transportation, the several agencies of state and municipal government, and any agencies of federal government and others that are now or may become concerned with, or responsible for the development and promulgation of programs in accordance with uniform and/or special standards concerned with, but not limited to, provisions for an effective accident records system, measures calculated to improve driver performance, vehicle safety, highway design and maintenance, traffic control, and study and analysis of traffic for detection and correction of high or potentially high accident locations.

(c) The joint committee is authorized to assist and cooperate with those state and other agencies concerned with laws and ordinances, traffic accident records, education, engineering, motor vehicle administration, police traffic supervision, traffic courts, public information, organized citizen support, research, and health, medical care, and transportation of the injured as outlined in the action program of the president's committee for traffic safety, and further, to assist and cooperate with federal departments and agencies and parties, to increase highway safety and reduce the grievous loss of life, the painful hardship of injuries, and the serious economic and emotional losses resulting from highway accidents.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1966, ch. 285, § 1.)