General Assembly

CHAPTER 22-7.4
Permanent Joint Committee on Naming All New Buildings, Bridges, Edifices and Other State Constructions

SECTION 22-7.4-34

§ 22-7.4-34. The John O. Pastore Center.

(a) The complex of institutions, offices, and other facilities located in the city of Cranston and including without limitation the General Hospital, Institute of Mental Health, correctional facilities for adults, the Rhode Island Training School for Youth, inpatient detoxification facility, out-patient clinics, shelter for homeless persons, and administrative, program, training, and supporting activities shall be renamed and known as the John O. Pastore Center, a succinct title that conveys the historic character of the area and encompasses the many diverse departments, functions, and activities located there focused upon improving the human condition and further recognizes Governor and United States Senator John O. Pastore, as a great humanitarian and a friend of the common man, who made an immeasurable contribution to the city of Cranston and to the state of Rhode Island.

(b) The inventory of state-owned buildings maintained by the capital development planning and oversight commission, as provided for by § 35-3-7.2, shall constitute a uniform system for designating and identifying buildings and other structures at the John O. Pastore Center. No other system shall be used for this purpose, either in documents or records prepared by state agencies, or on the buildings or other structures themselves, except for names adopted in accordance with this chapter.

(c) Streets shall be named by resolution of the joint committee on naming all new buildings, bridges, edifices, and other state construction as provided for by § 22-7.4-3(a). Those names, as they may be approved or revised from time to time by the joint committee, shall appear on a map approved and amended from time to time by the joint committee. This map shall be maintained by the division of planning in the department of administration. No street named in accordance with this subsection shall duplicate or resemble a street name of a public street in the city of Cranston.

(d) The division of planning in the department of administration is authorized to prepare a system of building addresses for the John O. Pastore Center. Upon approval of that system by the city of Cranston and the 911 authority, the joint committee may adopt the system, and amend it from time to time as necessary.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1993, ch. 442, § 1; P.L. 2000, ch. 35, § 1.)