Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-1.10

SECTION 23-1.10-15

§ 23-1.10-15. Payment for treatment.

(a) If treatment is provided by an approved public treatment facility and the patient has not paid the charge for that treatment, the department is entitled to any payment:

(1) Received by the patient or to which he or she may be entitled because of the services rendered; and

(2) From any public or private source available to the department because of the treatment provided to the patient.

(b) A patient in an approved treatment facility, or the estate of the patient, or a person obligated to provide for the cost of treatment and having sufficient financial ability, is liable to the division for cost of maintenance and treatment of the patient in an approved treatment facility in accordance with established rates.

(c) The director shall adopt rules governing financial ability that take into consideration the income, savings, and other personal and real property of the person required to pay, and any support being furnished by him or her to any person he or she is required by law to support.

History of Section.
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