Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-1.11
Needlestick Safety And Injury Prevention Act

SECTION 23-1.11-3

§ 23-1.11-3. Devices.

Sharps with engineered sharps injury protections shall include an array of devices that make injury involving a contaminated sharps less likely, and include, but are not limited to, syringes with a sliding sheath that shields the attached needle after use; needles that retract into a syringe after use; shielded or retracting catheters used to access the bloodstream for intravenous administration of medications or fluids; and intravenous medication delivery systems that administer medications or fluids through a catheter port or connector site using a needle that is housed in a protective covering.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2001, ch. 372, § 1; P.L. 2001, ch. 382, § 1.)