Health and Safety

Department of Health

SECTION 23-1-22

§ 23-1-22. Hearing.

If a person upon whom a notice of violation has been served under the provisions of § 23-1-20 or if a person aggrieved by any notice of violation requests a hearing before the director within ten (10) days of the service of notice of violation, the director shall set a time and place for the hearing, and shall give the person requesting a hearing at least five (5) days written notice of the hearing. After the hearing, the director may make findings of fact and shall sustain, modify, or withdraw the notice of violation. If the director sustains or modifies the notice, that decision shall be deemed a compliance order and shall be served upon the person responsible in any manner provided for the service of the notice in § 23-1-20. The compliance order shall state a time within which the violation shall be remedied, and the original time specified in the notice of violation shall be extended to the time set in that order.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1966, ch. 109, § 1.)