Health and Safety

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

SECTION 23-11-11

§ 23-11-11. Power to examine suspected cases – Right of suspect to own physician.

For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this chapter, the state department of health is empowered to make examinations of persons reasonably suspected of having sexually transmitted disease; provided, however, that any person so examined shall have the right to have present at that examination, at his or her own expense, a physician selected by him or her. The state department of health shall inform him or her of this right and afford him or her a reasonable opportunity to exercise that right; and at the trial of any person being prosecuted under the provisions of § 23-11-12, the prosecution must prove that he or she was so informed and was afforded that opportunity. Persons under eighteen (18) years of age may give legal consent for examination and treatment for any sexually transmitted disease. For the purposes of this section, physical examination and treatment by a licensed physician or his or her designated representative upon the person of a minor who has given consent shall not constitute an assault or an assault and battery upon the person.

History of Section.
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