Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-12.9
Dense Breast Notification and Education

SECTION 23-12.9-2

§ 23-12.9-2. Public policy goals – Department of health.

The department of health, through the Rhode Island Cancer Council, is authorized and mandated to implement the following public health policy goals as they relate to dense breast notification in Rhode Island. Commencing on October 1, 2014, all health care facilities that perform mammography examinations shall include in the summary of the mammography report to be provided to a patient, information that identifies the patient's individual Breast Tissue Classification based on the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System established by the American College of Radiology. If the facility determines that a patient has heterogeneously or extremely dense breasts, the summary of the mammography report shall also include the following notice:

"Your mammogram indicates that you have dense breast tissue. Dense breast tissue is relatively common and is found in about forty percent (40%) of women. The presence of dense tissue can make it more difficult to detect cancers in the breast by mammography because it can hide small abnormalities and may be associated with an increased risk. Hence, you may benefit from supplementary screening tests, which may include a breast ultrasound screening, or a breast MRI examination, or both, depending on your individual risk factors.

We are providing this information to raise your awareness of this important factor and to encourage you to discuss your dense breast tissue, as well as other breast cancer risk factors, with your health care provider. Together, you can decide which screening options are right for you.

A report of your results was sent to your physician. You should contact your physician if you have any questions or concerns about this report."

History of Section.
(P.L. 2014, ch. 47, § 1; P.L. 2014, ch. 54, § 1.)