Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-13.3
Birth Defects Surveillance and Information System

SECTION 23-13.3-4

§ 23-13.3-4. Advisory council.

(a) Not later than thirty (30) days after July 7, 2003, the director shall appoint a council to advise the department on the establishment and implementation of the birth defects reporting, surveillance and information system.

(b) The council shall recommend to the director a list of birth defects to be reported to the surveillance system.

(c) The council shall include not more than fifteen (15) persons who collectively bring the following expertise: (1) representative of the Children's Cabinet; (2) health care services; (3) the Rhode Island March of Dimes and other community organizations concerned with birth defects; (4) parents of children with birth defects; and (5) the public.

(d) Members may serve for two (2) three (3) year terms. Terms for each appointee begin at the initial appointment date.

(e) Not later than thirty (30) days after the initial appointments are made the director shall convene the first meeting of the council. In consultation with and with the approval of the council, the director shall appoint, at the first meeting of the council, the chairperson and vice chairperson of the council from among the members of the council. The chairperson may call additional meetings, as the chairperson considers appropriate.

(f) The council may establish rules of procedure as necessary to facilitate the council's orderly conduct of business.

(g) Council members shall serve without compensation.

History of Section.
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