Title 23
Health and Safety

Chapter 16.2

R.I. Gen. Laws 23-16.2-6

 23-16.2-6.  Issuance or denial of license.

Not less than thirty (30) days from the time any application for the license is received, the director shall grant the application and issue a license to maintain a laboratory or station if the director shall be satisfied that the applicant complies with the rules and regulations promulgated in accordance with this chapter establishing standards for the qualifications of personnel and adequacy of equipment and facilities. The standards for qualification of personnel who perform clinical laboratory tests shall require, as a minimum, successful completion of a nationally recognized certification examination. Notwithstanding this requirement, the director may establish, by regulation, alternative criteria for individuals who previously qualified under federal regulatory requirements, such as 42 C.F.R. 493.1433 of the March 14, 1990 federal register, or other criteria that may be established to have met the requirements of this chapter. Notwithstanding the preceding statements in this section, upon payment of any applicable license fees, the director may grant immediate licensure to any clinical laboratory licensed as a clinical laboratory in another state and certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1988, when the clinical laboratory has been asked to perform a clinical laboratory service which is not offered by any other clinical laboratory then licensed in this state.

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