Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-17.12
Health Care Services – Utilization Review Act

SECTION 23-17.12-3

§ 23-17.12-3. General certificate requirements. [Repealed effective January 1, 2018.].

(a) A review agent shall not conduct utilization review in the state unless the department has granted the review agent a certificate.

(b) Individuals shall not be required to hold separate certification under this chapter when acting as either an employee of, an affiliate of, a contractor for, or otherwise acting on behalf of a certified review agent.

(c) The department shall issue a certificate to an applicant that has met the minimum standards established by this chapter, and regulations promulgated in accordance with it, including the payment of any fees as required, and other applicable regulations of the department.

(d) A certificate issued under this chapter is not transferable, and the transfer of fifty percent (50%) or more of the ownership of a review agent shall be deemed a transfer.

(e) After consultation with the payors and providers of health care, the department shall adopt regulations necessary to implement the provisions of this chapter.

(f) The director of health is authorized to establish any fees for initial application, renewal applications, and any other administrative actions deemed necessary by the director to implement this chapter.

(g) The total cost of certification under this title shall be borne by the certified entities and shall be one hundred and fifty percent (150%) of the total salaries paid to the certifying personnel of the department engaged in those certifications less any salary reimbursements and shall be paid to the director to and for the use of the department. That assessment shall be in addition to any taxes and fees otherwise payable to the state.

(h) The application and other fees required under this chapter shall be sufficient to pay for the administrative costs of the certificate program and any other reasonable costs associated with carrying out the provisions of this chapter.

(i) A certificate expires on the second anniversary of its effective date unless the certificate is renewed for a two (2) year term as provided in this chapter.

(j) Any systemic changes in the review agents operations relative to certification information on file shall be submitted to the department for approval within thirty (30) days prior to implementation.

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