Title 23
Health and Safety

Chapter 17.14
The Hospital Conversions Act

R.I. Gen. Laws § 23-17.14-11

§ 23-17.14-11. Criteria for the department of health — Conversions limited to not-for-profit corporations.

In reviewing an application of a conversion involving a hospital in which the transacting parties are limited to not-for-profit corporations, the department shall consider the following criteria:

(1) Whether the character, commitment, competence, and standing in the community, or any other communities served by the proposed transacting parties are satisfactory;

(2) Whether sufficient safeguards are included to assure the affected community continued access to affordable care;

(3) Whether the transacting parties have provided satisfactory evidence that the new hospital will provide health care and appropriate access with respect to traditionally underserved populations in the affected community;

(4) Whether procedures or safeguards are assured to insure that ownership interests will not be used as incentives for hospital employees or physicians to refer patients to the hospital;

(5) Whether the transacting parties have made a commitment to assure the continuation of collective bargaining rights, if applicable, and retention of the workforce;

(6) Whether the transacting parties have appropriately accounted for employment needs at the facility and addressed workforce retraining needed as a consequence of any proposed restructuring;

(7) Whether the conversion demonstrates that the public interest will be served considering the essential medical services needed to provide safe and adequate treatment, appropriate access and balanced healthcare delivery to the residents of the state.

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