Title 23
Health and Safety

Chapter 17.14
The Hospital Conversions Act

R.I. Gen. Laws § 23-17.14-3

§ 23-17.14-3. Purpose of provisions.

The purpose of this chapter is to:

(1) Assure the viability of a safe, accessible and affordable healthcare system that is available to all of the citizens of the state;

(2) To establish a process to review whether for-profit hospitals will maintain, enhance, or disrupt the delivery of healthcare in the state and to monitor hospital performance to assure that standards for community benefits continue to be met;

(3) To establish a review process and criteria for review of hospital conversions;

(4) To clarify the jurisdiction and the authority of the department of health to protect public health and welfare and the department of attorney general to preserve and protect public and charitable assets in reviewing both hospital conversions which involve for-profit corporations and hospital conversions which include only not-for-profit corporations; and

(5) To provide for independent foundations to hold and distribute proceeds of hospital conversions consistent with the acquiree’s original purpose or for the support and promotion of health care and social needs in the affected community.

History of Section.
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