Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-17.2
Accountability of Services to Patients of Nursing or Personal Care Homes

SECTION 23-17.2-2

§ 23-17.2-2. Entries required in log or journal.

(a) Any person employed or compensated by the state for their services to patients or residents of nursing or personal care homes, as defined in chapter 17 of this title, shall, upon each official visit to a nursing or personal care home, enter in a log or journal as defined in this chapter:

(1) His or her full name, both signed and printed;

(2) His or her official position, title, or representative capacity;

(3) The date and time the person entered and departed the facility; and

(4) A brief description of the purpose of his or her visit.

(b) The log or journal shall be a public record available to public inspection at all reasonable times.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1976, ch. 284, § 1.)