Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-17.3
Long-term Care Coordinating Council

SECTION 23-17.3-1

§ 23-17.3-1. Establishment – Purposes – Reports to Council.

(a) There is established the long-term care coordinating council. The purpose of the council shall be to develop and coordinate state policy concerning all forms of long-term health care for the elderly and adults with chronic disabilities and illnesses, ranging from at-home and community based care and respite care through intensive nursing care to long-term hospital care. The council shall examine and make recommendations concerning any and all issues relating to long-term health care for the elderly and adults with chronic disabilities and illnesses, including, but not limited to:

(1) Standards and quality performance;

(2) Personnel issues including training standards, recruitment, and staffing needs;

(3) Enforcement of regulations;

(4) Patient and client rights;

(5) Eligibility and access issues; and

(6) The adequacy of funding and delivery of long-term care services.

(b) The council is empowered to appoint subcommittees to study specialized areas of concern and to report their findings to the council.

(c) The council is empowered to seek the advice and assistance of the American Association of Retired Persons, Rhode Island chapter, members of state and local senior citizens' councils and advocacy/interest groups, and long term care organizations and associations.

(d) The council is empowered to apply for and receive grants, appropriations, or gifts from any federal, state, or local agency, from any public or private foundation, or from any individual in order to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

(e) All departments, boards, and agencies of the state shall cooperate with the council and furnish any advice and information, documentary and otherwise, that may be necessary or desirable to facilitate the purposes of this chapter.

(f) The department of health shall provide a written report to the long-term care coordinating council by March 30 of each year regarding its regulatory activities for the preceding calendar year in the area of long-term care. The annual regulatory report shall include information on long-term care survey activities, including complaints of abuse and/or neglect, as requested by the chairperson of the council. In addition, the department of health shall also notify the chairperson of the council whenever a licensed long term care facility or provider is cited for providing substandard care.

History of Section.
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