Title 23
Health and Safety

Chapter 17.4
Assisted Living Residence Licensing Act

R.I. Gen. Laws § 23-17.4-10

§ 23-17.4-10. Regulations, inspections, and investigations.

(a) The licensing agency shall after public hearing pursuant to reasonable notice, adopt, amend, promulgate, and enforce any rules, regulations, and standards with respect to assisted-living residences for adults licensed under this chapter as may be designed to further the accomplishment of the purposes of this chapter in promoting safe and adequate living environments for individuals in assisted-living residences in the interest of public safety and welfare. These regulations may provide for the establishment of levels of service provided by the residence.

(b) The licensing agency shall make or cause to be made any inspections and investigations that it deems necessary by duly authorized agents of the director at any time and frequency determined by the licensing agency. The licensing agency shall establish regulations to determine the frequency of inspections that shall include, but not be limited to, the residence’s past compliance with regulations, complaint investigations, quality of care issues and license type. However, the licensing agency shall, on a biennial basis, conduct an unannounced, on-site inspection of all licensed assisted-living residences. The licensing agency shall, on an annual basis, cause no less than ten percent (10%) of all assisted-living inspections to be conducted, in whole or in part, on nights and/or weekends.

(c) Upon request of the licensing agency, health agencies and professionals may share resident health status information with the department of health for the purpose of determining each resident’s capability of self preservation.

(d) Each assisted-living residence licensed under this chapter shall have a plan for preventing the hazards of residents wandering from the facility. This plan shall be submitted to the licensing agency in a format determined by the director.

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