Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-17.4
Assisted Living Residence Licensing Act

SECTION 23-17.4-16.3

§ 23-17.4-16.3. Residency agreement or contract.

(a) Prior to exchange of any funds and prior to admission, except as provided in subsections (c) and (d) herein, the residence shall execute a residency agreement or contract, signed by both the residence and the resident, that defines the services the residence will provide and the financial agreements between the residence and the resident or the residence's representative.

(b) The department shall establish regulations specifying the minimum provisions of residency agreements or contracts and a minimum prior notification time for changes in rates, fees, service charges or any other payments required by the residence.

(c) Any advanced deposit, application fee, or other pre-admission payment shall be subject to a signed document explaining fully the terms of the payment and the residence's refund policy.

(d) In cases of emergency placement, the residency agreement or contract shall be executed within five (5) working days of admissions.

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