Title 23
Health and Safety

Chapter 17
Licensing of Healthcare Facilities

R.I. Gen. Laws 23-17-14

 23-17-14.  Functions of health services council.

The health services council shall have the following responsibilities and duties:

(1) To consult and advise with the licensing agency regarding licensing reviews conducted under 23-17-14.3 and 23-17-14.4 and in matters of policy affecting administration of this chapter, and in the development of rules, regulations, and standards provided for under this chapter;

(2) To review and make recommendations with respect to rules, regulations, and standards authorized under this chapter prior to their promulgation by the licensing agency as specified in this section;

(3) To consult and advise with the licensing agency with respect to the administration of chapter 15 of this title;

(4) When acting as an advisory council authorized by 23-16-3, to consult with the director of the state department of health in carrying out the purposes of chapter 16 of this title.

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