Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-19.1
Hazardous Waste Management

SECTION 23-19.1-25

§ 23-19.1-25. Bonds authorized – Maturity – Certification and execution.

(a) The general treasurer is authorized and empowered, with the approval of the governor and in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, to issue bonds in the name and behalf of the state and in any amounts as may be specified in an amount not to exceed five million dollars ($5,000,000) by the governor to be designated as "environmental response fund of 1984." The bonds shall be in denominations of one thousand dollars ($1,000) each or multiples of this amount, and shall be payable in any coin or currency of the United States which, at the time of payment, shall be legal tender for public or private debts. The bonds shall bear any date or dates, mature at any time or times not exceeding twenty (20) years from their respective date of issue, bear interest payable semiannually at any rate or different varying rates, be payable at any time or times, at any place or places, be subject to any terms of recall or redemption, with or without premium, be in any form with or without interest coupons attached carrying any registration, conversion, reconversion, transfer, debt requirement, acceleration, and other provisions as may be fixed by the general treasurer, with the approval of the governor, upon each issue of these bonds at the time of each issue.

(b) Whenever the governor shall approve the issuance of the bonds, the governor shall certify his or her approval to the secretary of state; the general treasurer shall countersign the bonds and affix the seal of the state. The approval of the governor shall be endorsed on each bond approved with a facsimile of the governor's signature.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1984, ch. 403, § 2.)