Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-19.2
Local Health Regulations

SECTION 23-19.2-1

§ 23-19.2-1. General regulations of cities and towns.

The councils of the several cities and towns may make any rules and regulations that they shall deem necessary to regulate and control the construction, location, and maintenance of all places for keeping animals, may provide for the summary removal or reconstruction of these places that shall be deemed by them detrimental to the public convenience and welfare, and may make rules and regulations prescribing the time and manner of removing manure from them and for the driving of animals through the highways; and every person violating any ordinance, rule, or regulation made pursuant to this section, shall be fined fifty dollars ($50.00), to be recovered upon complaint and warrant before any district court to the use of the city or town where the violation shall occur.

History of Section.
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