Title 23
Health and Safety

Chapter 19
Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation

R.I. Gen. Laws § 23-19-4

§ 23-19-4. Legislative purposes of Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation.

(a) In furtherance of these policies, it is the intent of this legislation to create a solid waste management corporation, as defined in this chapter.

(b) The corporation will prepare and implement a plan for an integrated statewide system of solid waste management facilities which plan shall define the state’s disposal needs and define the manner to meet the needs in accordance with the requirements of this chapter. Capacity, maximizing the use of source reduction, reuse, and recycling at public and private facilities shall be considered when assessing state need. No public facility shall be constructed unless need is established pursuant to the plan. The plan shall be reviewed and adopted as an element of the state guide plan by the state planning council.

(c) The facilities and services of the corporation shall be used by persons and municipalities within the state, and the corporation may require all persons and municipalities therein to use the services and facilities of the corporation under terms and conditions that the corporation shall reasonably fix and establish. This section shall not be construed, however, to affect or impair any valid contract for disposal of municipal waste in effect on March 1, 1985, until expiration at the end of the original term of the contract or any extension approved by the corporation or sooner termination of the contract, or the right of any municipality to continue the operation of its own landfill facility which is in use on December 1, 1986.

(d) The corporation will make its waste management facilities available under contract to any municipality, institution, or person at reasonable fees established by the corporation.

(e) Any revenues received by the corporation through the fees it charges for the use of facilities and services, from state subsidies, or through the sale of the material and energy resources recovered from the wastes it processes in the solid waste facilities within its jurisdiction, shall be used by the corporation to finance its administrative costs, its contractual costs, and other costs imposed by law, and to discharge its indebtedness and other obligations and to otherwise provide the financial support that is required for the corporation to maintain financial solvency.

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