Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-22.5
Drowning Prevention and Lifesaving

SECTION 23-22.5-1

§ 23-22.5-1. Rules, regulations, and orders – Facilities to which applicable.

(a) The department of environmental management is authorized and empowered to adopt and prescribe rules of procedure and regulations and to amend, change, and/or repeal these rules and regulations and make any orders and perform any actions that it may deem necessary to the proper administration and supervision of drowning prevention, lifesaving, first aid and safety personnel and equipment of all camps, camp grounds, bathhouses, bathing resorts, beachside motels or boarding houses, beachside parking areas, swimming pools, other beach and swimming areas, surfing areas, amusement parks, and skiing areas which serve all and/or any part of the general public by fee, membership, or invitation. The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to facilities maintained by a person without charge or assessment to the general public and which are for the sole use of his or her family, private guests, or tenants.

(b) The department shall charge an annual fee of ten dollars ($10.00) for lifeguard certification required by the rules and regulations. The funds shall be appropriated to the "user fees at state beaches, parks and recreation areas – development fund" established under § 42-17.1-29.

History of Section.
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