Health and Safety

Licensing of Swimming Pools

SECTION 23-22-1

§ 23-22-1. Definitions.

(a) "Person" as used in this chapter includes any partnership, association, corporation, city, or town.

(b) "Swimming pool," as used in this chapter, includes all swimming pools, wading pools, and therapeutic pools owned or maintained by any person, partnership, association, corporation, city, or town, or the state, except swimming pools maintained by an individual for the sole use of the individual's household and guests without charge for admission and not for the purpose of profit or in connection with any business operated for the purpose of profit, and except also swimming pools owned or maintained by the United States. The term "swimming pools" wherever the context requires shall be construed to include the apparatus, structure, and equipment pertaining to the swimming pool, the premises on which the swimming pool is located, and the premises appurtenant to this.

History of Section.
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