Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-23.5
Noxious Trades

SECTION 23-23.5-1

§ 23-23.5-1. Prohibition in cities and towns.

When any building or premises in any city or town in this state is or are occupied or used for carrying on the business of slaughtering cattle, sheep, or other animals, or for a melting or rendering establishment, or for other noxious or offensive trades, occupations, or employments, the city or town council, after appointing a time and place for a hearing, and after giving notice of the hearing to all persons interested, by public advertisement or otherwise, and after the notice and hearing, if in its judgment the public welfare and convenience so require, may prohibit by its order or decree the exercise of the trade, occupation, or employment in that building and on those premises, indefinitely, or for any period of time that it shall find that the public welfare and convenience shall require.

History of Section.
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