Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-23.5
Noxious Trades

SECTION 23-23.5-5

§ 23-23.5-5. Judgment of court – Costs and damages.

The court, upon the trial of an appeal under § 23-23.5-3, shall give judgment, agreeable to law and in accordance with the fact as found, that the order or decree be affirmed or annulled, or the court may alter or modify the order or decree, or upon a jury trial the jury may alter or modify the order or decree, and upon modification the verdict and judgment shall have the authority and effect of an original order from which no appeal had been taken. If the order or decree is affirmed, altered, or modified, the city or town shall recover its costs against the appellant; if it is annulled, damages by reason of obeying the order or decree of the city or town council may be recovered by the appellant against the city or town, in any court of competent jurisdiction, in a civil action.

History of Section.
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