Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-23.6
Air Quality in Ice Arenas

SECTION 23-23.6-4

§ 23-23.6-4. Air quality standard for ice arenas.

(a) The owner/operator of an ice arena must maintain acceptable air quality conditions. These conditions shall include, as a minimum, a one hour average air concentration of not more than thirty-five (35) parts of carbon monoxide per one million (1,000,000) parts of air by volume (PPM).

(b) A single reading greater than or equal to two hundred (200) PPM of carbon monoxide or a one hour average that is greater than or equal to one hundred (100) PPM of carbon monoxide in the ice arena constitutes a substantial risk to health and shall require the immediate evacuation of all persons from the ice rink surface and adjacent areas. The director shall be immediately notified by telephone of this action and the ice arena may not reopen until authorized by the director.

(c) A one hour average in excess of thirty-five (35) PPM of carbon monoxide and less than one hundred (100) PPM of carbon monoxide in the ice arena shall require immediate corrective action. Corrective action shall not be deemed adequate until subsequent measurements of air quality conditions confirm that carbon monoxide levels in the ice arena are below thirty-five (35) PPM.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1992, ch. 312, § 1.)