Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-23.7
Biodiesel Heating Oil Act of 2013

SECTION 23-23.7-5

§ 23-23.7-5. Certification.

(a) The blender of the biobased product at the time of sale to a distributor of heating fuel shall provide certification stating:

(1) That the No. 2 distillate heating fuel meets ASTM International–ASTM D396 and/or the successor standard as the case may be; and

(2) That the biobased product used for blending meets the definition of biobased product in subdivision 23-23.7-3(2); and

(3) The percentage of the biobased product contained in the fuel.

(b) The director shall create and provide to blenders a quarterly report form to be filed by the blender with the department of environmental management stating the number of gallons of biobased fuel sold and certification that said gallons meet the standards set forth in this chapter.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2013, ch. 150, § 1; P.L. 2013, ch. 221, § 1.)