Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-24.6
Lead Poisoning Prevention Act

SECTION 23-24.6-12

§ 23-24.6-12. Comprehensive environmental lead inspections.

The department shall develop and promulgate regulations for:

(1) Conducting comprehensive environmental lead inspections, which regulations shall, at a minimum, include procedures for:

(i) Inspecting, testing, and/or sampling of drinking water, household dust, painted surfaces, soil, and/or other appropriate fixed surfaces that may contain lead;

(ii) Notification of owners, occupants, and mortgagees and lienholders and/or the posting of warnings when unacceptable environmental lead levels are identified during an inspection; and

(iii) Notifying the department of the results of inspections;

(2) For other inspections necessary to accomplish the purposes of this chapter; and

(3) Collection of environmental media samples, including, but not limited to, dust, soil, paint, pewter, pottery, and water, and field analysis of their lead content.

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