Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-24.6
Lead Poisoning Prevention Act

SECTION 23-24.6-16

§ 23-24.6-16. Notice prior to residential property transfer.

(a) The department shall issue regulations for the disclosure of lead exposure hazards and potential lead exposure hazards in a residential dwelling, dwelling unit, or premise that is offered for sale or lease. These regulations, at the minimum, shall incorporate the requirements of § 1018 of the federal Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 (PL 102-550), 42 U.S.C. § 4852d, shall not be inconsistent with the requirements for lead hazard mitigation established pursuant to the provisions of chapter 128.1 of title 42, and shall additionally require an owner of a residential dwelling, dwelling unit, or premise offered for sale or lease to provide copies of any outstanding notice of violation and of results of any lead inspection performed in the dwelling, dwelling unit, or premise and copies of educational materials developed by the department, including information about the requirements of this section and programs that provide financial assistance for comprehensive environmental lead inspections or lead hazard reduction.

(b) The department shall prepare written materials concerning environmental lead exposures and lead hazards which shall be made available to real estate brokers and agents. The materials shall also be made available to the general public by the department.

(c) The duties required under this section are not exclusive and do not replace or alter any duty imposed upon the owner to perform lead hazard reduction as required by this chapter.

(d) In no instance shall the receipt of the disclosures required by this section operate as or be construed as a bar to relief or in any manner be used as an affirmative defense for an owner, operator, or real estate agent in any statutory or common law action.

(e) The department shall establish and maintain a registry of real estate for which a comprehensive environmental lead inspection has been performed. The registry shall be cross-indexed by the owners' name, street address, as well as the assessor's lot and plat number for the applicable city or town.

History of Section.
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