Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-25.2
Pesticide Relief Fund

SECTION 23-25.2-7

§ 23-25.2-7. No waiver or enlargement of rights – Subrogation.

(a) An award of relief under this chapter to any person shall not constitute a waiver of any common law or statutory claim for damages or other relief that the person may have against any pesticide manufacturer, pesticide applicator, or other responsible party nor shall the award of relief in any way limit the liability of any responsible party. An award of relief under this chapter shall not be construed or found to be an admission of or finding of liability against the responsible party in a subsequent liability suit or in a subrogation claim filed by the director pursuant to subsection (b). This chapter shall not be construed to enlarge, limit, or abrogate existing substantive rights.

(b) The fund shall be subrogated, to the extent of the relief awarded, to the right of the recipient of the relief to recover from the responsible party. The director is empowered to bring suit in superior court in the name of the department of environmental management against the responsible party to enforce its subrogated claim. The director, with the assistance of counsel for the department of environmental management, shall draft appropriate subrogation agreements and shall require applicants for emergency relief to execute the agreements as a condition of receiving relief. The director's action in bringing suit to enforce its subrogated claim shall not deprive the recipient of relief from bringing a separate action or joining in the action of the director.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1985, ch. 260, § 1.)