Health and Safety

Pesticide Control

SECTION 23-25-15

§ 23-25-15. Licenses for dealers of restricted and limited use pesticides – Renewal – Regulations authorized – Responsibility for acts of employees.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to act as a pesticide dealer, or advertise as, or assume or act as a pesticide dealer at any time without first becoming licensed under this section and regulations adopted under this section. A license shall be required for each location or outlet located within the state from which the pesticides are distributed; provided, that any out-of-state manufacturer, registrant, or distributor who distributes the pesticides only through or to a licensed pesticide dealer is not required to obtain a license.

(b) Credentials verifying licensing shall be plainly exhibited at each location or distribution center situated within the state from which "restricted use" or "state limited use" pesticides are distributed. A manufacturer, registrant, or distributor of those pesticides who has no fixed distribution center within the state but who distributes those pesticides directly to certified applicators within the state shall obtain a license for his or her principal out-of-state location or distribution center and for each of his or her representatives who distribute those pesticides within the state.

(c) The director is authorized to adopt regulations, including but not limited to regulations:

(1) Establishing procedures for filing applications for licensing which shall provide names and full addresses of individuals who are distributors, members of principals, officers of firms, partnerships, associations, corporations or organized groups who are distributors, and the full address of each distribution center or outlet, and the name and full address of a person domiciled within the state authorized to receive and accept service of summons or legal notices of all kinds for the applicant, and other information found necessary by the director;

(2) Establishing license expiration dates and procedures for maintaining and submitting records of restricted use pesticide distribution as required under § 23-25-23;

(3) Requiring, if deemed necessary, any out-of-state distributor to obtain a permit to ship any "restricted use" or "state limited use" pesticide to any location within the state. Information required to obtain the permit shall include the full name and address of the shipper, the expected delivery date, the brand name, EPA registration number, the quantity of pesticide, the full name and address of the person receiving the shipment, and any other information found necessary by the director. No fee shall be required for the permit;

(4) Requiring a written examination designed to enable the applicant to demonstrate his or her knowledge of the types of information to be found on a pesticide label and that he or she is familiar with state and federal laws governing his or her sale, storage, and distribution of "state limited use" and "restricted use" pesticides;

(5) Establishing annual license fees of not more than thirty dollars ($30.00) for each license issued.

(d) Provisions of this section shall not apply to a certified commercial applicator who sells pesticides only as an integral part of his or her pesticide application service when the pesticides are dispensed only through equipment used for the pesticide application or any federal, state, county, or municipal agency which provides pesticides only for its own programs.

(e) The director shall send a renewal application to each licensed pesticide dealer at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration date and the director may renew any applicant's license subject to further examination by the director if necessary to show additional knowledge that may be required to distribute pesticides classified for "restricted use" or "state limited use".

(f) Licensed pesticide dealers who, in any year, fail to file a renewal application even though they did not receive a mailed renewal application prior to an expiration date established by regulation shall lose their dealer's license as of sixty (60) days later and prior to that date shall be notified in writing. Those dealers may regain licensing under this section by re-examination.

(g) Each licensed pesticide dealer shall be responsible for the acts of each person employed by him or her in the solicitation and sale of pesticides and all claims and recommendations for use of pesticides. The dealer's license shall be subject to denial, suspension, or revocation after a hearing before the director for any violation of this chapter whether committed by the dealer or by the dealer's officer, agent, or employee.

History of Section.
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