Health and Safety

Bedding and Upholstered Furniture

SECTION 23-26-7.1

§ 23-26-7.1. Sterilization, disinfection and disinfestation of bedding and materials.

(a) No person shall sell, offer for sale or include in a sale any item of secondhand bedding or any item of bedding of any type manufactured in whole or in part from secondhand material, including their component parts or wiping rags, unless such material has been sterilized, disinfected and cleaned, by a method approved by the department of business regulation; provided, further, that any product used for sterilization or disinfection of secondhand bedding must be registered as consumer and health benefit products and labeled for use on bedding and upholstered furniture by the EPA in accordance with § 23-25-6 of this title. The department of business regulation shall promulgate rules and regulations consistent with the provisions of this chapter.

(b) No person shall use in the manufacture, repair and renovation of bedding of any type any material which has been used by a person with an infectious or contagious disease, or which is filthy, oily or harbors loathsome insects or pathogenic bacteria.

(c) No person shall sell, or offer for sale or include in a sale any material or bedding which under the provisions of this chapter or regulations requires treatment unless there is securely attached in accordance with regulations, a yellow tag not less than twelve square inches in size, made of substantial cloth or a material of equal quality. Upon the tag there shall be plainly printed, in black ink, in the English language, a statement showing:

(1) That the item or material has been treated by a method approved by the department of business regulation, and the method of treatment applied.

(2) The lot number and the tag number of the item treated.

(3) The license number of the person applying treatment.

(4) The name and address of the person for whom treated.

(d) The tag required by this section shall be in addition to any other tag required pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. Holders of licenses to apply sterilization, disinfection or disinfestation treatment shall be required to keep an accurate record of all materials which have been subjected to treatment, including the source of material, date of treatment, and the name and address of the receiver of each. Such records shall be available for inspection at any time by authorized representatives of the department.

(e) Violations of this section shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500).

History of Section.
(P.L. 1998, ch. 147, § 1.)