Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-27.3
State Building Code

ARTICLE 23-27.3-100.0
Administration and Enforcement

SECTION 23-27.3-107.7

§ 23-27.3-107.7. Recertification and continuing education.

(a) The committee shall offer a continuing educational program designed to assist all state and local building officials and inspectors in executing their responsibilities as defined in this chapter. Regular attendance at these programs shall be required to all building officials and inspectors, and no building official or inspector who attends a course of instruction shall lose any rights relative to compensation or vacation time.

(b) In order to provide for professional administration of the code and maintain the official's and inspector's level of competency, the committee shall develop regulations which will require the officials and inspectors to attend approved continuing education courses to retain their certification. The committee shall develop the program within one year of July 3, 1989. The committee may make use of model code, regional or national education programs as a basis of the acceptable courses for credit in this program.

(c) The financing for this continuing education program will be provided through the registration fee for buildings required by chapter 64 of title 5.

History of Section.
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