Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-27.3
State Building Code

ARTICLE 23-27.3-111.0
New Buildings and Structures

SECTION 23-27.3-120.1

§ 23-27.3-120.1. New buildings.

No building or structure hereafter erected shall be used or occupied in whole or in part until a certificate of use and occupancy shall have been issued by the building official. The certificate shall not be issued until all work has been completed in accordance with the provisions of this code, the Fire Safety Code (chapters 28.1 – 28.39 of this title), of all approved permits, and of all applicable codes for which a permit is required, except as provided in § 23-27.3-120.4. In addition, the certificate shall not be issued for any property serviced by a private well until the property owner has submitted documentation to the building official which demonstrates compliance with the drinking water testing requirements and the drinking water standard for coliform bacteria, fluoride, lead, nitrate and nitrite for private wells established by the director of health. A city or town may require additional testing and compliance with quality standards established pursuant to § 23-1-5.3(6).

History of Section.
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