Title 23
Health and Safety

Chapter 28.13
Boarding Homes

R.I. Gen. Laws § 23-28.13-27

§ 23-28.13-27. Boarding homes for children — Egress facilities required.

(a) Each story of every home used for the boarding of children shall have at least two (2) means of egress. Exits shall be located remotely from each other providing the best practicable means of egress for all occupants in the event fire renders one exit impassable.

(b) Homes not over two (2) stories in height which do not have the required two (2) means of egress from each story will require the installation of fire escapes. Windows will be approved as a means of egress, provided they can be opened to give a clear unobstructed width of not less than two feet six inches (2’6") and a height of not less than three feet (3′). Platforms with a ladder extending to within six feet (6′) of the ground will be permitted. In lieu of a second means of egress, a smoke detector of a type approved by the fire marshal’s office shall be properly installed and maintained in accordance with the regulations established by the Fire Safety Code Board of Appeal & Review.

(c) Access to fire escapes and outside stairways shall be unobstructed and shall provide safe, adequate, and convenient means of exit.

History of Section.
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