Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-28.19
Tents – Grandstands – Air-Supported Structures

SECTION 23-28.19-14

§ 23-28.19-14. Survey by fire chief – Fire appliances.

(a) The chief of the fire department shall survey, or cause to be surveyed, each tent for which a permit has been granted, after it is erected, and if it is to be used as a place of assembly, before it is occupied. The chief of the fire department shall require installation of such fire appliances as are deemed necessary, and designate their location. The fire appliances may consist of water tanks, pumps, hose, water buckets, extinguishers, and fireproof blankets.

(b) All fire appliances shall be kept in working condition and all pumps and hose, when used in connection with tank wagons, shall be inspected, and tested, if deemed necessary, prior to the occupancy of the tent. Portable extinguishers and similar appliances shall be properly distributed and readily accessible. It shall be the duty of the owner or manager of each exhibition to properly train sufficient responsible employees in the use of fire equipment so that it can be quickly put in operation; the chief of the fire department may require these employees to prove their fitness.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1976, ch. 271, § 15.)