Title 23
Health and Safety

Chapter 28.2
Office of State Fire Marshal

R.I. Gen. Laws § 23-28.2-12

§ 23-28.2-12. Witnesses in investigations.

For the purpose of the investigation, the state fire marshal and/or the deputy state fire marshals may issue warrants for and compel the attendance of witnesses before them as if the witnesses had been summoned on the part of the state to attend court in criminal cases. The testimony of all witnesses examined in the investigation shall be given under oath and reduced to writing by the fire marshal, or by some other person by direction of the fire marshal, and shall be subscribed by the witnesses. Every person examined in the investigation, who shall willfully swear or affirm falsely in regard to any matter or thing respecting which oath or affirmation is required, shall be guilty of perjury. Upon the presentation of satisfactory proof of due service of the summons upon the witness, and of a failure by the witness to obey the summons, to any justice of a district court or officer authorized to issue warrants under the laws of the state, the justice or officer shall issue a warrant to bring the witness before the fire marshal to testify what the witness may know in relation to the subject matter of inquiry. The warrant may be executed by any officer authorized by law to serve a warrant by arresting and bringing the witness before the state fire marshal or the deputy state fire marshal.

History of Section.
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