Health and Safety

Respiratory Care Act

SECTION 23-39-4

§ 23-39-4. License required.

(a) No person shall practice respiratory care or represent himself or herself to be a respiratory care practictioner unless that person is licensed under this chapter, except as otherwise provided by this chapter.

(b) Nothing in this chapter is intended to limit, preclude, or otherwise interfere with the practices of other persons and health providers licensed by appropriate agencies of Rhode Island, self-care by a patient, or gratuitous care by a friend or family member who does not represent or hold himself or herself out to be a respiratory care practitioner, or respiratory care services in case of an emergency.

(c) This chapter does not prohibit a person enrolled in a respiratory care training program from performing those duties essential for completion of a student's clinical service; provided, that the duties are performed under the supervision or direction of a physician or licensed respiratory care practitioner and the person is identified as a "student respiratory care practitioner."

History of Section.
(P.L. 1986, ch. 428, § 1.)