Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-4.1
Emergency Medical Transportation Services

SECTION 23-4.1-3

§ 23-4.1-3. Duties of the director.

(a) The director of health, referred to as the "director," shall have full authority to implement the provisions of this chapter and shall be guided by the purposes and intent of this chapter.

(b) The director shall cooperate with hospitals, furnishers of ambulance services, local governments, police departments, fire departments, emergency units, first aid groups, or any other groups that furnish or work with groups that furnish emergency medical services.

(c) The director shall cooperate with concerned agencies and individuals to coordinate programs for training emergency medical technicians, and other persons who provide emergency medical care services, including dispatchers. If funds are available, the director may establish training grants to aid groups and communities to train people in emergency medical care.

(d) The standards used by the director under this chapter shall be reasonable and based upon local and statewide conditions. However, the minimum standards imposed by the director may be the standards issued by any responsible organization having its main concern the disposition of injured persons.

(e) The director shall annually submit a report to the governor and the general assembly.

(f) The director shall cooperate in the coordination of ambulance services throughout the state with local or state police and fire authorities and other concerned agencies and individuals, including the state civil defense agency. This coordination may be tested by local exercises from time to time.

(g) The director shall cooperate with concerned agencies and individuals in the development of a state communications network involving the transportation of injured persons by vehicles licensed under this chapter and hospitals. The director may allocate available funds for the establishing and maintenance of a communications network involving vehicles, hospitals, and other emergency treating organizations within the state.

(h) The director shall cooperate with concerned agencies and individuals in the development of a plan for the coordination of ambulance dispatching services with the state.

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