Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-4.1
Emergency Medical Transportation Services

SECTION 23-4.1-8

§ 23-4.1-8. Applications for license.

(a) Any person, firm, partnership, corporation, municipality, volunteer units, or any other business or organization providing ambulance service shall, at the time of license application, furnish the director of health with a list of all persons authorized to act as an attendant of any ambulance owned or operated by the applicant.

(b) The director shall provide application forms for licenses under this section.

(c) Subject to the approval of the board, the director shall make reasonable minimum standards of health, performance, fitness, education, and moral fitness. The director may use the guides established by the American College of Surgeons' Board of Regents as a standard, except that a felony conviction shall not necessarily disqualify an attendant.

(d) Each applicant shall hold a current certificate of completion of at least an emergency medical technical-ambulance course approved by the board.

(e) If there is a hardship imposed upon any applicant for a license because of an unusual circumstance, the applicant may apply to the director for a temporary waiver of the licensing provisions for good cause shown. The director has the power to waive licensing provisions for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days.

History of Section.
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