Health and Safety

Mosquito Abatement

SECTION 23-7-3

§ 23-7-3. Board established.

There shall be established a state mosquito abatement board consisting of eleven (11) members. The board shall have the authority to approve, authorize, regulate, terminate and/or deny any and all mosquito abatement programs of any type within the state. The board shall have the authority to promulgate and enforce rules and regulations in accordance with chapter 35 of title 42 as may be deemed necessary by the board. Specifically, the board may prescribe or prohibit by regulation the use of materials, rates of application, methods, and timing to be used in the application of pesticides for mosquito control when necessary to protect health or property, or to prevent injury to plants and animals (including pollinating insects, birds, and aquatic life). In issuing its regulations, the board shall give due consideration to pertinent research findings, recommendations, and laws or regulations of other agencies of the state and of the federal government and to the best interests of the environment. Specifically, the director of environmental management, on behalf of the board, is authorized to enter or examine at any reasonable time those premises that the board considers necessary to carry out its responsibilities under §§ 23-7-1 – 23-7-15. The board may also provide technical assistance and educational information to any city, town, subdivision of any city or town, or any district in the development and implementation of a mosquito abatement program. The board shall draw staff support from the department of environmental management with the consent of the director.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1978, ch. 108, § 2.)