Health and Safety

Latex Gloves Safety Act

SECTION 23-73-2

§ 23-73-2. Use of latex gloves.

(a) The use of disposable, nonsterile and sterile natural rubber latex gloves shall be prohibited by any person, firm, or corporation, registered pursuant to §§ 21-27-10 and 21-27-11.

(b) Any firm, business, or corporation, regulated by the state of Rhode Island which uses latex gloves shall post a notice informing employees and the public:

(1) That natural rubber latex gloves are used by the regulated entity;

(2) That exposure to latex may result in the development of an allergy;

(3) That allergic reactions to natural rubber latex can manifest by skin rash, hives, nasal and eye irritation, asthma, and shock; and

(4) That should you or your family experience allergic reaction symptoms, then you should contact your health care provider.

(c) The notice shall include letters which are at least three-eighths ( 3 / 8 ) of an inch high and be posted in conspicuous areas throughout the firm, business or corporation.

(d) The notice shall be posted in English, Spanish, and other languages served by the business, corporation, entity, or facility.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2001, ch. 383, § 1.)