Title 23
Health and Safety

Chapter 81
Rhode Island Coordinated Health Planning Act of 2006

R.I. Gen. Laws 23-81-2

 23-81-2.  Legislative findings.

It is hereby found and declared:

(a) The vast majority of Rhode Islanders believe that quality, affordable health care should be available to all in our state;

(b) Our current health care crisis affects all facets of Rhode Island's economy, with a particular burden on small business owners, young people, and those approaching retirement;

(c) A majority of Rhode Islanders believe that the state government has a significant role to play in solving this health care crisis;

(d) The current state health care infrastructure is fragmented with an array of state departments and offices carrying out health care planning, along with a myriad of private efforts, all with a lack of coordination;

(e) Because an essential component of health planning is resource allocation, there is a need to professionalize the health services council and revitalize the certificate of need process;

(f) Recognizing that many departments of state government are involved in the collection of data and information related to health care, health care outcomes, health care insurance, consumer behavior and trends, and that accurate and accessible, collection and housing of this information is necessary for the general assembly to enact useful health care policy;

(g) Rhode Island's small size makes us the perfect laboratory to create a unified health care system, planned and coordinated with a functioning public/private partnership, with broad representation of all of the health care stakeholders;

(h) The general assembly finds that the people of this state have a fundamental interest in the establishment of a comprehensive strategic health care planning process and the preparation, maintenance, and implementation of plans to improve the quality, accessibility, portability, and affordability of health care in Rhode Island; that the continued growth, viability and development of the health care infrastructure by the private and public sectors requires effective planning by the state; and that state and local plans and programs must be properly coordinated with the planning requirements and programs of the federal government; and

(i) The coordinated health planning process should create usable and dynamic guidance that helps design a health care system and improves the health of Rhode Islanders.

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