Title 23
Health and Safety

Chapter 81
Rhode Island Coordinated Health Planning Act of 2006

R.I. Gen. Laws 23-81-4

 23-81-4.  Powers of the health care planning and accountability advisory council.

Powers of the council shall include, but not be limited to the following:

(a) The authority to develop and promote studies, advisory opinions and to recommend a unified health plan on the state's healthcare delivery and financing system, including but not limited to:

(1) Ongoing assessments of the state's healthcare needs and healthcare system capacity that are used to determine the most appropriate capacity of and allocation of healthcare providers, services, including transportation services, and equipment and other resources, to meet Rhode Island's healthcare needs efficiently and affordably. These assessments shall be used to advise the "determination of need for new healthcare equipment and new institutional health services" or "certificate of need" process through the health services council;

(2) The establishment of Rhode Island's long-range healthcare goals and values, and the recommendation of innovative models of healthcare delivery, that should be encouraged in Rhode Island;

(3) Healthcare payment models that reward improved health outcomes;

(4) Measurements of quality and appropriate use of healthcare services that are designed to evaluate the impact of the health planning process;

(5) Plans for promoting the appropriate role of technology in improving the availability of health information across the healthcare system, while promoting practices that ensure the confidentiality and security of health records; and

(6) Recommendations of legislation and other actions that achieve accountability and adherence in the healthcare community to the council's plans and recommendations.

(b) Convene meetings of the council no less than every sixty (60) days, which shall be subject to the open meetings laws and public records laws of the state, and shall include a process for the public to place items on the council's agenda.

(c) Appoint advisory committees as needed for technical assistance throughout the process.

(d) Modify recommendations in order to reflect changing healthcare systems needs.

(e) Promote responsiveness to recommendations among all state agencies that provide health service programs, not limited to the five (5) state agencies coordinated by the executive office of the health and human services.

(f) Coordinate the review of existing data sources from state agencies and the private sector that are useful to developing a unified health plan.

(g) Formulating, testing, and selecting policies and standards that will achieve desired objectives.

(h) In consultation with the office of the health insurance commissioner, the council shall review health system total cost drivers and provide findings, and, if appropriate related recommendations to the governor and general assembly on or before July 1, 2014.

(i) Coordinate a comprehensive review of mental health and substance abuse incidence rates, service use rates, capacity and potentially high and rising spending.

(j) Examine the volume and spending trends for pediatric inpatient and outpatient services, including the evolving role of intensive care units (ICUs).

(k) Subject to available resources and time, in consultation with the department of health, provide periodic assessments beginning on or before October 1, 2014, to the general assembly on the appropriate mix of Rhode Island's primary care workforce. The assessments shall include analyses of current and future primary care professional supply and demand, recruitment, scope of practice and licensure, workforce training issues, and potential incentives with recommendations to enhance the supply and diversity of the primary care workforce.

(l) Provide an annual report each July, after the convening of the council, to the governor and general assembly on implementation of the plan adopted by the council. This annual report shall:

(1) Present the strategic recommendations, updated annually;

(2) Assess the implementation of strategic recommendations in the healthcare market;

(3) Compare and analyze the difference between the guidance and the reality;

(4) Recommend to the governor and general assembly legislative or regulatory revisions necessary to achieve the long-term goals and values adopted by the council as part of its strategic recommendations, and assess the powers needed by the council or governmental entities of the state deemed necessary and appropriate to carry out the responsibilities of the council.

(5) Include the request for a hearing before the appropriate committees of the general assembly.

(6) Include a response letter from each state agency that is affected by the state health plan describing the actions taken and planned to implement the plans recommendations.

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