Title 23
Health and Safety

Index of Chapters

Chapter 23-1 Department of Health

Chapter 23-1.1 Division of Occupational Health

Chapter 23-1.2 Division of Legal Services

Chapter 23-1.3 Radiation Control

Chapter 23-1.7 Rhode Island Program to Address Alzheimer’s Disease

Chapter 23-1.8 Commission on the Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing

Chapter 23-1.9 Sheath Needles [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-1.10 Alcoholism

Chapter 23-1.11 Needlestick Safety and Injury Prevention Act

Chapter 23-2 Local Health Officers

Chapter 23-3 Vital Records

Chapter 23-4 Office of State Medical Examiners

Chapter 23-4.1 Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Chapter 23-4.5 Blood Bank Services

Chapter 23-4.6 Consent to Medical and Surgical Care

Chapter 23-4.7 Informed Consent for Abortion

Chapter 23-4.8 Spousal Notice for Abortion

Chapter 23-4.9 Retention of X-Rays

Chapter 23-4.10 Health Care Power of Attorney

Chapter 23-4.11 Rights of the Terminally Ill Act

Chapter 23-4.12 Partial Birth Abortion

Chapter 23-4.13 Reproductive Privacy Act

Chapter 23-4.14  Feminine Hygiene Product Donation Act

Chapter 23-5 Reports of Disease and Disability

Chapter 23-5.1 Identification of Persons Suffering from Certain Disabilities

Chapter 23-6 Prevention and Suppression of Contagious Diseases

Chapter 23-6.1 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training Program in High Schools

Chapter 23-6.2 Public Access Defibrillation

Chapter 23-6.3 Prevention and Suppression of Contagious Diseases — HIV/AIDS

Chapter 23-6.4 Life-Saving Allergy Medication — Stock Supply of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors — Emergency Administration

Chapter 23-6.5 Automated External Defibrillators Required at Public Places

Chapter 23-7 Mosquito Abatement

Chapter 23-7.1 Rodent Control and Eradication

Chapter 23-8 Quarantine Generally

Chapter 23-9 Quarantine of Vessels

Chapter 23-10 Tuberculosis

Chapter 23-10.1 Emergency Commitment for Drug Intoxication

Chapter 23-11 Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Chapter 23-12 Cancer

Chapter 23-12.1 Hemophilia Care Program

Chapter 23-12.5 New England Compact on Radiological Health Protection

Chapter 23-12.6 Ovarian Cancer Education, Detection, and Prevention

Chapter 23-12.7 The Breast Cancer Act

Chapter 23-12.8 The Firefighter Cancer Wellness Act

Chapter 23-12.9 Dense Breast Notification and Education

Chapter 23-12.10 Harm Reduction Center Advisory Committee and Pilot Program. [Expires March 1, 2026.]

Chapter 23-13 Maternal and Child Health Services for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Chapter 23-13.1 The Safe Haven for Infants Act

Chapter 23-13.2 Nursing Working Mothers

Chapter 23-13.3 Birth Defects Surveillance and Information System

Chapter 23-13.4 Hazardous Chemicals — Contamination of Breast Milk and Environment

Chapter 23-13.5 Breastfeeding in Public Places

Chapter 23-13.6 Lactation Consultant Practice Act of 2014

Chapter 23-13.7 The Rhode Island Family Home-Visiting Act

Chapter 23-14 Childhood Disease Fund

Chapter 23-14.1 Health Professional Loan Repayment Program

Chapter 23-15 Determination of Need for New Healthcare Equipment and New Institutional Health Services

Chapter 23-16 Health Facilities Construction

Chapter 23-16.1 New England Health Services and Facilities Compact

Chapter 23-16.2 Laboratories

Chapter 23-16.3 Clinical Laboratory Science Practice

Chapter 23-16.4 Human Cloning

Chapter 23-17 Licensing of Healthcare Facilities

Chapter 23-17.1 Licensing of Nursing or Personal Care Homes [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-17.2 Accountability of Services to Patients of Nursing or Personal Care Homes

Chapter 23-17.3 Long-Term Care Coordinating Council

Chapter 23-17.4 Assisted Living Residence Licensing Act

Chapter 23-17.5 Rights of Nursing Home Patients

Chapter 23-17.6 Mobile Intensive Care Unit Program

Chapter 23-17.7 Licensing of Nursing Service Agencies

Chapter 23-17.7.1 Licensing of Nursing Service Agencies

Chapter 23-17.8 Abuse in Healthcare Facilities

Chapter 23-17.9 Registration of Nursing Assistants

Chapter 23-17.10 Administrative Penalties

Chapter 23-17.11 The Nursing Facilities Receivership Act

Chapter 23-17.12 Health Care Services — Utilization Review Act

Chapter 23-17.13 Health Care Accessibility and Quality Assurance Act

Chapter 23-17.14 The Hospital Conversions Act

Chapter 23-17.15 Long-Term Health Care Goals and Values

Chapter 23-17.16 Home Care Patient Rights

Chapter 23-17.17 Health Care Quality Program

Chapter 23-17.18 Health Plan Modification Act

Chapter 23-17.19 Immunization in Long Term Care Facilities

Chapter 23-17.20 Healthcare Facilities Staffing

Chapter 23-17.21 The Rhode Island Patient Safety Act of 2008

Chapter 23-17.22 Healthy Rhode Island Reform Act of 2008

Chapter 23-17.23 Center for Health Professions

Chapter 23-17.24 The Adult Supportive Care Residence Act

Chapter 23-17.25 Distressed Essential Community Hospitals

Chapter 23-17.26 Comprehensive Discharge Planning

Chapter 23-17.27 Caregiver Advise, Record and Enable Act

Chapter 23-17.28  Hospital Workplace Violence Protection Act

Chapter 23-18 Cemeteries

Chapter 23-18.1 Disposition of Bodies to Be Buried with Public Funds

Chapter 23-18.2 Preservation and Care of Burial Places and Memorials for the Dead

Chapter 23-18.3 Advisory Commission on Historical Cemeteries

Chapter 23-18.5 Anatomical Gifts [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-18.6 Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

Chapter 23-18.6.1 Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

Chapter 23-18.6.2 Rhode Island Public Education Advisory Council for Organ and Tissue Donation Registration

Chapter 23-18.7 Bone Marrow Donation

Chapter 23-18.8 Waste Recycling

Chapter 23-18.9 Refuse Disposal

Chapter 23-18.10 Prohibition of Products Containing Chlorofluorocarbons Products

Chapter 23-18.11 Promotion of Paper Bag Usage

Chapter 23-18.12 Beverage Container Recyclability

Chapter 23-18.13 Toxic Packaging Reduction Act

Chapter 23-18.14 Degradable Plastics and Packaging [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-18.15 Plastic Bottle and Container Labeling Act

Chapter 23-18.16 Newspaper Recyclability

Chapter 23-18.17 Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Chapter 23-19 Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation

Chapter 23-19.1 Hazardous Waste Management

Chapter 23-19.2 Local Health Regulations

Chapter 23-19.3 Sanitarians

Chapter 23-19.3.1 Residential Sanitary Sewer Connections

Chapter 23-19.4 Septage, Industrial Wastes and Waste Oil Pumping, Cleaning and Transportation

Chapter 23-19.5 Percolation Tests and Water Table Elevation Determinations

Chapter 23-19.6 Used Oil Recycling

Chapter 23-19.7 Hazardous Waste Management Facilities

Chapter 23-19.8 Hazardous Waste Cleanup

Chapter 23-19.9 Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact

Chapter 23-19.10 Hazardous Waste Reduction, Recycling, and Treatment Research and Demonstration Act of 1986

Chapter 23-19.11 Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal

Chapter 23-19.12 Generation — Transportation — Storage — Treatment — Management and Disposal of Regulated Medical Waste

Chapter 23-19.13 Gull Control Program

Chapter 23-19.14 Industrial Property Remediation and Reuse Act

Chapter 23-19.15 The Rhode Island Cesspool Act of 2007

Chapter 23-19.16 Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund

Chapter 23-19.17 High-Heat Waste Facility Act of 2021

Chapter 23-19.18  Plastic Waste Reduction Act [Effective within one year from rules promulgation or on January 1, 2024.]

Chapter 23-20 Sanitation in Hotels and Boarding Houses [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-20.5 Choke-Saving

Chapter 23-20.6 Smoking in Public Places [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-20.7 Workplace Smoking Pollution Control Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-20.7.1 Off-Duty Rights to Privacy by Employees [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-20.8 Licensing of Massage Therapists

Chapter 23-20.8.1 Registration of Music Therapists

Chapter 23-20.9 Smoking in Schools

Chapter 23-20.10 Public Health and Workplace Safety Act

Chapter 23-20.11 Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity and Firefighter Protection

Chapter 23-20.12 Food Allergy Awareness in Food-Service Establishments

Chapter 23-21 Licensing of Recreational Facilities

Chapter 23-21.1 Sanitation Standards for Bathing Beaches

Chapter 23-22 Licensing of Swimming Pools

Chapter 23-22.5 Drowning Prevention and Lifesaving

Chapter 23-23 Air Pollution

Chapter 23-23.1 Air Pollution Episode Control

Chapter 23-23.5 Noxious Trades

Chapter 23-23.6 Air Quality in Ice Arenas

Chapter 23-23.7 Biodiesel Products

Chapter 23-24 Hazardous Substances

Chapter 23-24.1 Poison Prevention Packaging

Chapter 23-24.2 Flammable Fabrics

Chapter 23-24.3 Substances or Compounds Used as Sewerage System Cleaners

Chapter 23-24.4 Hazardous Substances Community Right to Know Act

Chapter 23-24.5 Asbestos Abatement

Chapter 23-24.6 Lead Poisoning Prevention Act

Chapter 23-24.7 Occupational Health — Lead Protection

Chapter 23-24.8 Mercury Fever Thermometers

Chapter 23-24.9 Mercury Reduction and Education Act

Chapter 23-24.10 Electronic Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling Act

Chapter 23-24.11 Comprehensive Children’s Jewelry Safety Act

Chapter 23-24.12 Proper Management of Unused Paint

Chapter 23-25 Pesticide Control

Chapter 23-25.1 Hazardous Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, and Rodenticides [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-25.2 Pesticide Relief Fund

Chapter 23-25.3 Marine Tributyltin Antifoulant Paints

Chapter 23-25.4 Utilization of Unused Prescription Drugs Act

Chapter 23-25.5 The Return or Exchange of Drugs Act

Chapter 23-25.6  Pharmaceutical Redistribution Program Act

Chapter 23-26 Bedding and Upholstered Furniture

Chapter 23-27 Building Regulation Generally [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-27.1 Safety Glazing [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-27.2 State Building Code [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-27.3 State Building Code

Chapter 23-27.4 Interstate Compact on Industrialized/Modular Buildings

Chapter 23-28 Fire Prevention and Investigation [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.01 Comprehensive Fire Safety Act

Chapter 23-28.1 Fire Safety Code — General Provisions

Chapter 23-28.2 Office of State Fire Marshal

Chapter 23-28.3 Fire Safety Code Board of Appeal and Review

Chapter 23-28.4 Safety and Health Programs for Fire Departments

Chapter 23-28.5 Inspection of Buildings

Chapter 23-28.6 Places of Assembly

Chapter 23-28.7 Hotels and Motels [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.8 Fire Escapes — Outside Stairways [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.9 Heating and Cooking Facilities [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.10 Health Care Facilities [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.11 Fireworks and Pyrotechnics

Chapter 23-28.12 Schools

Chapter 23-28.13 Boarding Homes

Chapter 23-28.14 Rooming Houses [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.15 Child Day Care Centers

Chapter 23-28.16 Apartment Houses [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.17 Industrial, Mercantile, Business, and Storage Buildings [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.18 Theatres [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.19 Tents — Grandstands — Air-Supported Structures

Chapter 23-28.20 Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Chapter 23-28.21 Fuel Oil Installations [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.22 Flammable and Combustible Liquids

Chapter 23-28.23 Exit Signs [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.24 Emergency Lighting [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.25 Fire Alarm Systems

Chapter 23-28.26 Dip Tanks Containing Flammable or Combustible Liquid [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.27 Spray Application Using Flammable or Combustible Material [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.28 Explosives

Chapter 23-28.29 Model Rocket Engines [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.30 Community Residences for the Mentally Retarded, Mentally Ill, Drug Abusers, and Alcoholics [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.31 Horse Stables [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.32 Sales or Leasing and Servicing of Portable Fire Extinguishers and Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.33 Storage and Handling of Liquefied Natural Gas [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.34 Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.35 Fire Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Systems in Existing Residential Occupancies [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.36 Notification of Fire Fighters, Police Officers and Emergency Medical Technicians After Exposure to Infectious Diseases

Chapter 23-28.37 Vaccination of Firefighters to Prevent Hepatitis B

Chapter 23-28.38 Detention and Correctional Occupancies [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-28.39 Housing for the Elderly — Emergency Generators Required [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-29 Fire Regulations in Places of Public Assembly [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-29.1 Rehabilitation Building and Fire Code for Existing Buildings and Structures

Chapter 23-30 Fire Escapes and Stairways [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-31 Automatic Sprinkler Systems [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-32 Inspection of Buildings [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-33 Elevators, Escalators, and Dumbwaiters

Chapter 23-34 Amusement Ride Inspection and Insurance Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-34.1 Amusement Ride Safety Act

Chapter 23-35 Motion Picture Projectors [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-36 Inspection and Handling of Inflammable Substances

Chapter 23-37 Powers of Fire Companies

Chapter 23-38 Degradable Connectors and Non-Detachable Metal Openers for Beverage Containers

Chapter 23-38.1 Hazardous Substances

Chapter 23-38.2 Poison Prevention Packaging

Chapter 23-38.3 Flammable Fabrics

Chapter 23-39 Respiratory Care Act

Chapter 23-40 New England Health Services and Facilities Compact

Chapter 23-41 Hazardous Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides and Rodenticides

Chapter 23-41.1 Pesticide Control

Chapter 23-42 Disposition of Bodies to Be Buried with Public Funds

Chapter 23-43 Office of Mental Retardation

Chapter 23-43.1 Retardation Law

Chapter 23-43.2 Parental Succession — Retarded Persons

Chapter 23-43.3 Licensing of Facilities and Programs for the Alcoholic, Drug Abuser, Mentally ILL and the Mentally Retarded

Chapter 23-44 New England Compact on Radiological Health Protection

Chapter 23-45 Rodent Control and Eradication

Chapter 23-46 Refuse Disposal

Chapter 23-46.1 Solid Waste Management Corporation

Chapter 23-46.2 Hazardous Waste Management

Chapter 23-47 Anatomical Gifts

Chapter 23-48 Sanitarians

Chapter 23-49 Septage, Industrial Wastes and Waste Oil Pumping, Cleaning and Transportation

Chapter 23-50 Blood Bank Services

Chapter 23-51 Consent to Medical and Surgical Care

Chapter 23-52 Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Chapter 23-53 Special Packaging of Poisonous Substances

Chapter 23-54 Choke-Saving Devices

Chapter 23-55 Percolation Tests and Water Table Elevation Determinations

Chapter 23-56 Smoking in Public Places

Chapter 23-57 Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Chapter 23-58 Massage Parlors

Chapter 23-59 Continuing Care Provider Registration and Disclosure

Chapter 23-60 Battery Deposit and Control

Chapter 23-60.1 Dry Cell Battery Control

Chapter 23-61 Radon Control

Chapter 23-62 Truth in Food Disclosure Law

Chapter 23-63 Vehicle Tire Storage and Recycling

Chapter 23-64 Minority Health Promotion Act

Chapter 23-64.1 Commission for Health Advocacy and Equity

Chapter 23-65 Board of Certification of Operators of Public Water Supply Facilities

Chapter 23-66 Comprehensive Health Risk Assessments

Chapter 23-67 The Rhode Island Research and Treatment Fund for Uninsured and Underinsured Women Stricken with Cancer

Chapter 23-68 Tanning Facility Safety Standards Act

Chapter 23-69 New England Compact on Involuntary Detention for Tuberculosis Control

Chapter 23-70 Osteoporosis

Chapter 23-71 Tobacco Product Manufacturers’ Escrow Funds

Chapter 23-72 Mercury in Fish Products

Chapter 23-73 Latex Gloves Safety Act

Chapter 23-74 Unlicensed Health Care Practices

Chapter 23-75 Children’s Product Safety Act

Chapter 23-76 Vaccine Shortage Protection Act

Chapter 23-77 Healthcare Information Technology and Infrastructure Development Fund

Chapter 23-78 The Stroke Task Force

Chapter 23-78.1 Stroke Prevention and Treatment Act of 2009

Chapter 23-79 The Rhode Island Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation and Treatment Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 23-80 Safe Patient Handling Act of 2006

Chapter 23-81 Rhode Island Coordinated Health Planning Act of 2006

Chapter 23-82 Implementation of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Act

Chapter 23-83 The Umbilical Cord Blood Donation Notification Act

Chapter 23-84 The Rhode Island Climate Risk Reduction Act of 2010

Chapter 23-85 Green Economy Roundtable [Expired.]

Chapter 23-86 Women’s Cardiovascular Screening and Risk Reduction Pilot Program

Chapter 23-87 The Rhode Island Lupus Education and Awareness Plan

Chapter 23-88 Code Consistency Council

Chapter 23-89 The Rhode Island Palliative Care and Quality of Life Act

Chapter 23-90 Responsible Recycling, Reuse and Disposal of Mattresses

Chapter 23-91 Service Member Licensure

Chapter 23-92 Military Spouse Licensure

Chapter 23-93 Rhode Island Access to Medical Technology Innovation Act

Chapter 23-94 Prevention of Conversion Therapy for Children

Chapter 23-95  Nondiscrimination in Access to Anatomical Gifts and Organ Transplants Act (Isaac’s Law)

Chapter 23-96  Prohibited Release of Balloons

Chapter 23-97  Consumer Protection in Eye Care Act

Chapter 23-98  Sexual Assault Evidence Kits

Chapter 23-99  The Rhode Island Life Science Hub Act