Laying Out and Taking by Cities and Towns

SECTION 24-1-7

§ 24-1-7. Payment of agreed price.

If any party shall agree with the city or town council upon the price to be paid for the value of the land or other real property so taken and of appurtenant damage to any remainder or for the value of the party's estate, right or interest therein, the court, upon application of the parties in interest, may order that the sum agreed upon be paid forthwith from the money deposited, as the just compensation to be awarded in the proceedings; provided, however, that no payment shall be made to any official or employee of the city or town for any property or interest therein acquired from an official or employee unless the amount of the payment is determined by the court to constitute just compensation to be awarded in the proceedings.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1962, ch. 216, § 1.)