Scenic Highways

SECTION 24-15-3

§ 24-15-3. Designation as a scenic highway.

The director, or the governing body of any municipality as to any highway (including a state highway) within its borders, may apply to the board for the designation of a highway as a scenic highway. A municipality making application for a state highway shall notify the director of the Rhode Island department of transportation. The director shall have thirty (30) days to comment on the application. After holding a public hearing, the board shall approve or deny the application for designation of a highway as a scenic highway submitted under this section. Provided, however, that prior to any approval or denial of any application, the applicant shall notify the owners of the properties fronting the application area that an application has been filed and the board shall provide the fronting property owners with an opportunity to attend a public hearing in the municipality subject to the application, and in the Town of Westerly no application for designation of a highway or road, or portion of a highway or road, shall be approved unless the owners of a majority of the lineal lot frontage abutting the highway or road agree to the designation by filing with the director or governing municipal body, within sixty (60) days immediately following the application, a written statement or statements agreeing to the designation.

History of Section.
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