Improvement and Grading by Towns

SECTION 24-3-12

§ 24-3-12. Termination of leases and contracts on land taken.

Whenever the whole of any lot or parcel of land, or any building under lease or other contract, shall be taken as provided in § 24-3-10, for any of the purposes as provided in this chapter, upon the election of the town or city council, as provided in § 24-3-9, to make improvements, the lease or contract shall immediately cease and determine and be absolutely discharged. In case only part of any parcel of real estate so under lease or other contract shall be taken, all contracts and engagements respecting the parcel shall, from the time of the election, cease and determine, and be absolutely discharged as to the part so taken, but shall remain valid as to the residue, and the rents, considerations, and payments, reserved or payable and to be paid for or in respect of the time, shall be apportioned so that the just proportional part thereof shall be demanded or paid or recoverable for or in respect of the rents, considerations, and payments.

History of Section.
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