Improvement and Grading by Towns

SECTION 24-3-22

§ 24-3-22. Compensation and expenses of commissioners – Collection from petitioners.

The commissioners shall be entitled to a reasonable compensation for their services, and for all sums of money expended for the plat and other necessary disbursements, to be allowed by the town council, whether the report is rejected, confirmed, or recommitted, to be paid by the petitioners, the amount of which shall be equally apportioned and assessed to the petitioners by the assessors of taxes; and unless paid forthwith by the petitioners, shall be added to the taxes assessed against the real estate abutting on the platted street or way belonging to the petitioners and the petitioners owning the property at the next annual assessment of taxes; and shall be and remain a lien upon the real estate until it is paid, and shall be collected at the same time and in the same manner as the other taxes assessed against the petitioners, except in cases where the petitioners are nonresidents of this state or of the United States, in which cases one year in addition shall be allowed for the payment of the assessment.

History of Section.
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