Improvement and Grading by Towns

SECTION 24-3-3

§ 24-3-3. Hearing on enlargement or relocation in towns – Commissioners of estimate and assessment.

Whenever the town council of any town named in § 24-3-17, shall adjudge it to be necessary to lay out, enlarge, straighten, improve, or alter any street or highway, or any part thereof, in the town, the council may cause the same to be done in the manner following: Whenever any lands shall be required for the purpose aforesaid, and the town council shall be of the opinion that any estates will be specially benefited thereby, the council shall, after notice to all persons interested, which notice shall specify the time and place of the meetings of the council and the nature and extent of the intended improvement, and after hearing all persons who desire to be heard in the matter, appoint not less than three (3) nor more than five (5) discreet and disinterested persons as commissioners of estimate and assessment, who may be residents and taxpayers in the town; and the council may at the same time determine that a portion of the damage occasioned by taking any real estate for the aforesaid purpose, not exceeding three-fourths ( 3 / 4 ) thereof, shall be assessed upon the owners of estates which the commissioners shall find will be specially benefited by making the proposed improvement, whether any part of the estates are taken for the improvement or not; provided, that the owners shall not be assessed in any case beyond the amount that the commissioners shall consider their estates to be specially benefited thereby. The commissioners, before entering upon the duties of their office, shall be severally engaged to the faithful discharge of the trust and duties required of them.

History of Section.
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